Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cooking for a boy...

...is hard.

Our first meal here, I decided to make us a nice dinner. I made a lovely fish dinner from a cookbook my mom gave me ages ago. I served it with salad. I was cooking for two, so I doubled my portion.

Big mistake.

About ten minutes after the meal, Noach starts to look uncomfortable. In his nicest, "I love you but" voice, he asks, "we-we're not having... anything else?"

Turns out that two girl portions does not a marriage feed. He doesn't even eat two of what I eat. It's more like three. It's crazy! Boys are so... different!

It hasn't gotten much better. I cook what I think is a ton (so that I'll have extra to freeze for later) but he still finishes it all! And generally the only times I entered the kitchen were to do either something fancy, like baking, or something so simple I wouldn't serve it to Noach. So every meal-literally, breakfast, lunch and dinner-turns into a three or four course extravaganza. It's crazy.

We did just do a massive shopping trip in the Costco produce section so we have lots and lots of fruits and veggies to eat up. We signed up for a CSA in North Jersey but it doesn't start until the 21st. We're very excited to see what crazy fruits and veggies we end up with! I don't know how to cook kale, do you?

So anyway, I'm still working on it. We definitely have enough baked goods to last us (I bake under pressure, a la Izzie Stevens), but I need main courses and side dishes. That are quick. And preferably freezable. And healthy. And don't have meat or potatoes, which we don't really eat.

Any ideas?


red said...

this is such an endearing post, katie. you're too adorable. i've been cooking for my boy (and luckily, often, with my boy) for a while--if you'd like, we can come over one weekend and cook together! it'll be a fun way to spend the day together, catch up, and make the bellies happy. msg/email me if you're game!

Devorah said...

sorry kate, i'm a meat and potatoes girl. But you could always go for sauteed peppers & onions (in olive oil) with tofu (in place of sausage) and season with a little chili powder for heat. that's my stock "vegetarian" meal. classic italian recipe.

Anonymous said...

hi kate -- i love your blog; i'm in exactly the same boat re. food. i have discovered a few filling, easy recipes BUT they are not healthy. every kosher recipe seems to have 3 cups of sugar and flour and oil. it's horrible.

anyway, i've figured out how to make shnitzel after many tries and i bake, not fry, them.

i also make chicken wings which manages to fill gidon and it's very easy for me to make.

anyway, you're not alone!!

Kim said...

I had this issue the other night. I've taken to making home-made pasta, and a portion for one person is half a "lump" of dough. (1 lump = 2 eggs, 1 cup of flour.)

I fed boyfriend one portion of pasta, he seemed happy, and about half an hour later he started getting antsy. It was then required that I feed him a baked potato AND some fresh corn casserole.



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