Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breaking News: Baby Sucks Thumb!

3 months. Enjoy!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The song I sang throughout my pregnancy...

Don't know much about you 
Don't know who you are 
We've been doing fine without you 
But, we could only go so far 
Don't know why you chose us 
Were you watching from above 
Is there someone there that knows us 
Said we'd give you all our love 

Will you laugh just like your mother 
Will you sigh like your old man 
Will some things skip a generation 
Like I've heard they often can 
Are you a poet or a dancer 
A devil or a clown 
Or a strange new combination of 
The things we've handed down 

I wonder who you'll look like 
Will your hair fall down and curl 
Will you be a mama's boy 
Or daddy's little girl 
Will you be a sad reminder 
Of what's been lost along the way 
Maybe you can help me find her 
In the things you do and say 

And these things that we have given you 
They are not so easily found 
But you can thank us later 
For the things we've handed down 

You may not always be so grateful 
For the way that you were made 
Some feature of your father's 
That you'd gladly sell or trade 
And one day you may look at us 
And say that you were cursed 
But over time that line has been 
Extremely well rehearsed 
By our fathers, and their fathers 
In some old and distant town 
From places no one here remembers 
Come the things we've handed down 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 1 of Urban Organics

Its kindof like a CSA.

Tonight's dinner:
Green chard sauteed in evoo, garlic and onion YUM!
Huge red leaf lettuce and spinach salad with lots of toppings and my first crack at my own italian dressing.
Veggie chips- carrots yams and potatoes baked with salt pepper and paprika.
Whole wheat couscous with green olives and cranberries.

Still loooots of veggies to go before next week! More veggie chips and soup and maybe smoothies on the menu....
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Friday, February 11, 2011

What's Adina like?

Who knows how much of this will be accurate down the line, but we think we see some definite character traits.

First of all, she is, bli eyin hara (literally: "without the evil eye), a very easy baby.  She is often described as "gentle," which is the meaning of her name, Adina.  (Actually, after seeing this strong correlation, Noach/Omri and I are determined to start naming our children by easy-going character traits.)

I guess all babies seem funny, but I have to say it.  Each morning I wake up next to her (I rarely have the energy to get her back into her cradle after nursing at night) and watch her sleep.  When she wakes up, if I'm still there, she looks at me and is soon smiling as if we share the most fabulous secret in the world.  It's such an adult expression that I forget she's a baby for a while.  She loves cooing at people and stuffed animals.  Sometimes she'll lie in my bed as I'm getting ready in the morning and just coo at the room.

This morning, after getting up for a few minutes, I was crawling (sick) back into bed and found her sleeping on her back with her arms completely spread open.  At not even three months, she's managed to take up my. entire. spot. on the bed.

Oh... and sometimes she smiles like she's laughing at me.  I wouldn't be surprised.  

New pictures and videos on our Picasa album.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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