Thursday, February 18, 2010


Monday was Day 1 of our Netflix-and-Hulu-free home.
We'd already made the decision when we moved here not to have TV or cable, but we thought Netflix would be a great way to still get a movie in here or there.

But Netflix is much more clever than that. My experience was that Netflix induces this crazy-movie-watching-industriousness. There's ALWAYS a movie there. One you want to watch. And once you watch it, there's another one coming. And you have this LIST to get through, so you better start watching! So we were watching at least one, sometimes two movies a week. That's three hours a week down the drain. Not our initial intention.

So, on Sunday, we nixed Netflix and decided, for good measure, to ban Hulu from our home as well.

The results?

The whole house...

Is clean.

It's a beautiful thing, this TV free life.

We might even take up Scrabble again.

1 comment:

Miss Priscilla Rosenblaum said...

I understand on the netflix... I'm crazy about it. I used to watch out the window for the mailman on days when I was home and I knew there was a movie coming...


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